I had been trying to prepare calibration standards for the testing of acrolein using NIOSH 2501.

I had first diluted the 10000ppm of acrolein standard to 1000ppm using methanol.

Next, I then injected 10microlitres, 20microlitres, etc of this prepared 1000ppm acrolein standard into each vial containing 2HMP coated sorbent front section.

I then let it stand overnight.

The next day, I added toluene 1ml and sonicate for 30 minutes as per the method.

I then transferred this solution to microinsert vials and tested using GC-NPD.

However, after many trials, there were still no acrolein peaks at the retention time.

May I check if did I miss anything out during this sample prep?

I followed the method exactly but failed to get the peaks.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.