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How can I prepare the 01M triethylammonium phosphate buffer of pH 2.8~~~~.
I know this can be prepared by using triethylamine (TEA) and phosphoric acid and in my Lab I have Triethylamine and 85% phosphoric acid. I actually search a lot and I able to find the preparation of TEAA ( triethylammonium acetate buffer of pH ~~~7.4) but couldn't able to find any reference of TEAP buffer.

what I understand from that, first I have to prepare the 01M triethylamine and I have to adjust the pH of solution to ~2.8 using phosphoric acid? Is this a right procedure.

Kindly help me with procedure how to prepare that TEAP buffer?

Thanks in advance.

Organic_chemist wrote:
But I have question when I will add the phosphoric acid the concentration of solution will change and it will not be anymore 1M TEA.

Anyway it will.

Organic_chemist wrote:
Kindly help me with procedure how to prepare that TEAP buffer?

It would better to add some quantity of H3PO4 before TEA added to prevent TEA evaporation.
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Dmitriy A. Perlow
If me: I'd make up the triethylamine solution, and then determine how much (by weight best, or volume) of phosphoric acid I'd need to bring to the desired pH.

Then I'd make up a new batch of the buffer using that determined "formula", and use that. And in the future I'd use that "formula" for the buffer. Adjusting the pH of each batch of buffer is time-consuming and introduces variability.
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