When: 22 & 23 February, 2023

In today’s fast paced laboratory environment two factors can have a big impact on how productive a lab is: speed of application and efficient use of gases. While helium is a great carrier gas for gas chromatography, issues with availability or cost can cause a lab to look at other possibilities that may be available from gas generators, such as hydrogen.

This webinar will discuss how to properly transition your method from helium to hydrogen carrier gas, along with consumables that you may want to consider changing as well, such as using a HydroInert source or switching to smaller diameter columns. We will also talk about underutilized available ways to make your gas last, such as using Gas Saver. And finally, we will go over tips and tricks on how to speed up your overall analysis method, to help ensure high sample throughput and maintain data integrity.

Attend this event to:
- Learn how to speed up your GC (MS) method
- Learn how to translate GC (MS) methods from helium carrier gas to hydrogen
- Gain a better understanding of strategies and recommended columns and supplies that can be implemented to speed up your GC(MS) method and what is necessary to translate a method to a different carrier gas

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