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GAMP 5 2nd Edition, What You Need to Know

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2023 11:40 am
by CF - David Hills
When: 15 & 16 February, 2023

In this webinar we shall take a look at the contents of the long awaited GAMP 5 Version 2 release to examine what has truly changed since the Version 1 release, with special focus on what might impact regulated laboratories in the Pharma, BioPharma, and Biotech industries.

The audience should learn what the major changes are for Version 2 and how they might impact their current regulated lab operations so they can make pro-active updates to their current compliance related procedures and policies.

By attending this presentation you will:
- Understand which sections of GAMP 5 Version 2 have been updated since Version 1.
- Understand which updated sections may have an impact on your current business processes.
- Understand the trends of the industry regarding the evolution of compliance activities related to evolving technologies and business practices.

To learn more and register to attend, click on the link below: