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ICP-based analytical technologies are common inorganic analysis tools for trace elemental analysis in a wide range of industries. Instrument performance has evolved with ever more challenging regulations and to meet requirements for new and emerging applications. The role of software, however, is often underestimated when considering opportunities to improve the overall performance of the instrument and laboratory.

In a laboratory environment where personnel are required to operate a growing number of technologies, instruments that can support and facilitate daily tasks are critical to success.

Learn about an instrument agnostic software platform controlling a wide range of instruments, such as ICP-OES, ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS, that can help address this challenge. User centric architecture and intelligent software features for bringing the system into operation, handling interferences and real time data evaluation help overcome the typical challenges faced by many inorganic analytical laboratories.

This presentation highlights the key role that software plays in a modern and integrated laboratory for elemental analysis. Attend and learn how software can support daily tasks and streamline your analytical workflow.

Watch this presentation to...

- Discover how cross-platform software can assist your daily work and help you be more efficient in the modern inorganic laboratory
- Understand how software can leverage the full potential of your instrument
- Learn how data visualization can help you to streamline processes and deliver results faster

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