Format: On-demand

As you face the constant pressure to analyze more samples, even as resources shrink and analytical challenges grow, new developments in intelligence and operations raise the gold standard in GC/MS to handle the complexity and demands of routine testing.

In this presentation, the speakers focus on technology advancements and best practices in GC/MS that reduce downtime and optimize lab productivity. Specifically, the discussion will highlight overcoming current helium shortage challenges without compromising system uptime. Future-proof your lab with Agilent’s additions to its GC/MS portfolio that allow you to transform would-be obstacles into opportunities with intelligent instruments, familiar software and a continuing legacy of innovation and performance.

By watching this presentation you will learn about improving lab productivity, operating costs and sustainability by:

- Adopting next-generation/in-built GC & GC/MS Intelligence
- Preventing disruptions due to helium shortages
- Reducing GC/MS maintenance frequency
- Confidently addressing new regulations and application needs
- Making informed, sustainable decisions with ACT labeling

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