Title: Accelerating Large-scale Proteomics with High-throughput Accurate Mass Spectrometry Workflows

Format: On-demand

Duration: 50 minutes

Identifying and quantifying large numbers of proteins and peptides are important in translational research to understand biological functions. One example of this is the analysis of large sample cohorts to identify robust biomarkers of disease. The complexity of biological fluids, tissues and cell lines often overwhelms the capabilities of data-dependent acquisition (DDA) strategies using mass spectrometry due to the stochastic nature of this methodology. This limitation has driven the rapid adoption of data-independent acquisition (DIA or SWATH DIA) approaches, such as Zeno SWATH DIA. This method achieves 5-6x more MS/MS sensitivity, resulting in this DIA approach surpassing DDA for protein identifications and quantification in complex matrices. This advantage is further observed at short acquisition times that are required to meet the throughput demands of current proteomics studies.

This webinar discusses high-throughput mass spectrometry workflows for large-scale qualitative and quantitative proteomics and will comprise the two presentations below.

Rapid and Robust Proteomes with Standardized Methods on the Evosep One Powered by Zeno SWATH DIA
by Dorte Bekker-Jensen

Robust, High-throughput Quantification of Peptides in Plasma using Zeno SWATH DIA
by Patrick Pribil

By viewing this presentation you will learn about:

    - innovations in accurate mass analysis delivering speed and accuracy for large-scale proteomics
    - the development of a standardized platform for robust, in-depth high-throughput proteome analysis
    - the impact of sensitivity gains on protein and peptide identification and quantification.

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