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Biorepository labs need to prioritize sample quality and viability. The responsibility of gathering, storing, tracking and shipping high-quality specimens is crucial to both the integrity, efficiency and outcome of the scientific study. The need to do so in compliance with regulatory requirements, is equally as imperative.

The task of ensuring robust and reproducible sample results to meet stakeholders’ expectations and industry standards, means biorepositories (and biobanks) have come to rely on the support of a long-established digital LIMS solution like Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager ™ LIMS software - so they can concentrate more on continuing to advance clinical and translational scientific research and less on worrying about data integrity or conformance.

As a pre-configured software solution providing biorepositories with industry-leading laboratory, process and data management capabilities, SampleManager LIMS software is an implementation and validation accelerator. Its out-of-the-box features and functionality, coupled with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s end-to-end support and workflow solutions, means return on investment is expedited and project risk is reduced.

To learn more, join this webinar as we discusses how the pre-configured capabilities of the SampleManager Biorepository solution can best support the critical biological material management in your biorepository lab.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

- End-to-end solutions available to support your biorepository sample workflow
- How to increase your return on investment and reduce project risk
- The value of implementing trusted software solutions into your laboratory and workflows
- The capabilities and benefits of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s pre-configured biorepository solution

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