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"Modern HPLC for the Practicing Scientist" Michael W. Dong
ISBN: 978-0-471-72789-7

I have a biology degree and have been using HPLC less than a year. I thought this book was a good basic introduction to general HPLC concepts. This book clarified many ideas for me. I felt it was clearly worded and concise. The graphs and diagrams were valuable and served the text well.

The intended audience is a person with technical knowledge in general, but not in this specific area. It assumes the reader is familiar with basic scientific concepts and terms. This book might be too technical for a non-scientist manager or for lower level technicians that have difficulty grasping theoretical principles. After the first two chapters the reading becomes noticeably easier due to a focus change from the mathematical to the practical.

The text has been valuable for obtaining “buy-inâ€
Kind Regards,
Jade Barker

I also recommend three great books:
Practical HPLC Method Developmentby Lloyd R. Snyder. It is a very useful reference to have if you work extensively on HPLC. The book is useful for gerenal operator who are both novice and expert. This book has tools in practical laboratory experiments, such as strength of hydrogen bonding of base silica and nomograph for estimation of "solvent strength" for reversed phase HPLC.
LC/MS: A Practical User's Guide by Marvin McMaster - tips are useful.
Mass Spectrometry: Principles and Applications by Edmond de Hoffmann. It is a must have for the Mass Spec beginner as well as the advanced

Thanks for the info! I'll try to find those books.

If you want a good starting place for books for the analytical library, see the following: ... ht=library
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I'll start by saying I think the book is okay for what it is, and that is a primer, more like 'HPLC lite'. To its credit, it does have a brief overview of most any topic, but this amounts to an ocean of knowledge that is one inch deep.
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