Peptide mapping is critical for characterizing protein drugs and monitoring product critical quality attributes (CQAs) in biopharma. Due to the heterogenous nature of protein drugs, comprehensive analytical characterization is required for getting full coverage peptide maps and identifying heterogeneities, such as post-translation modifications (PTMs).

Sample preparation can be tedious, time consuming and error prone. Separation and detection require sensitivity to a broad molecular range to ensure that nothing is missed, and you need software, designed specifically for biopharma, to turn your data into answers. You need complete confidence in your results, all with growing pressure for speed and increased productivity.

Separation Science, offers an on-demand presentation that will focus on a routine and sensitive workflow for peptide mapping and PTM analysis. The presentation will is available to view now.

The aim of the talk is to...
- show how an integrated peptide mapping workflow solution automates and streamlines this complex process from sample preparation to data analysis.
- illustrate how a LC/Q-TOF acquisition method–Iterative MS/MS makes method optimization easy and improves the sensitivity and confidence for low abundant peptides
- demonstrate how identification and quantification for PTM peptides can be fast and simple

You can register to view this presentation using the link below: