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Looking for exciting intel on how to connect a new Agilent ELSD to a Waters eSatin system so that we can use Empower 2 while running our Agilent 1260 HPLC and get synchronized signaling. Any suggestions on the cables to use, appropriate ways to hook up the cables, and/or ::crosses fingers:: diagrams/images of working system connections are appreciated! Contacted Agilent and Waters ... they pointed at each other.
Absent control software for the ELSD, my guess is that you have to hook it up to the eSAT/IN via an analog output and feed it an inject/start signal from the 1260.
The 1260 should be controllable via Empower, but you probably have to keep the ELSD out of the CAN loop.

You'll need separate sample set methods, method sets and instrument methods for each "system" in Empower.

Keep nagging Agilent (mostly) and Waters to get the detector to work with ICF.
A remote start signal is simply a contact closure event. (a short in the wiring)

You can use the appropriate remote serial cable for the Agilent system, and wire the ELSD and SAT/IN module in parallel, so that they will start at the same time the hardware injection occurs (autosampler).

The only other wire would be the analog signal out from the ELSD to the SAT/IN module.

Advanced: If the ELSD has the ability to send a "ready" signal, this can be wired separately to the appropriate wires on the autosampler remote cable. This will prevent the system from being "ready", and subsequently prevent injections from occurring prior to the ELSD being equilibrated properly.
Scott Allison
HawkEye Analytical, LLC
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