Hello all,

I am experiencing a troubling issue. I need to quantify different carbonate esters, both alicyclic (Dimethylcarbonate) and cyclic (ethylene and propylene carbonate) residual solvents in synthesis products.

I thought that I might detect them at 210 nm by their carbonate group analogous to carboxylic acids. But alas, no luck, the lambda max is lower. Even an injection of 1000ppm on a brand new 1260 LC gives only a peak of height 6 and a S/N of about 10 at 192 nm. We need to go down to single digit ppm levels. The solvent is water (no additives) and 5% ACN (no additives).

1. Is there a well-established way to derivatize organic carbonates?
2. Any other ideas?

Thank you very much for your input.