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I am trying to connect an Agilient 1100 to a pc that has Chromeleon vs 6.8
I cannot find the I.P address of the 1100 so it will not communicate with the PC. I dont have access to a handheld control module (gameboy). Does anyone have any ideas how to find out what the 1100's I.P address is ? preferably without having to bring in an external engineer.
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don't know exactly with 1100 modules, but it should be possible to remove the network interface card from the agilent module.
Then there sould be some dip-switches on it, which set how the ip-adress is configured.
Search on Agilent website for the manual, where the different settings are described and how to set a defined adress by Telnet (if not working with BootP or DHCP etc.)
You could either do it like Hollow said it or you can download advanced IP scanner and check for the IP. It's definetly an advantage to know at least the range of the IP...
Our 1100 HPLCs require that BootP be running on the computer to assign the IP address to the JetDirect card in one of the modules. I know you can set addresses with switches using the GBIP interface and Serial port, but not sure if you can on Ethernet.

The BootP only has to run long enough to send the address on powerup, the module will hold the IP address until it is power cycled, then it must be sent again. The Chemstation software disk includes a copy of BootP, the older versions ran as a separate program, newer versions run as a background process. The one that runs as a process can have trouble sending the address to older modules, but the one that runs as a program seems to work for old and new modules.
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Hi Chemiger,

If you are using a G1369A LAN interface, the default IP address should be and subnet mask is Please make sure the computer's LAN card is not set to the same IP address as the detector's LAN card. If you can get your hands on a gameboy, it will make life much easier.

You may find this helpful:
Setting up a LAN Instrument Network
Best regards,

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Thanks for all the replies. I will try some of the suggestions. I wish I had a gameboy, they are so good for trouble shooting.
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