HP Agilent 1100 GPIB problem with computer communication

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I recently got an HP Agilent 1100 HPLC that was pre 1997, so it requires GPIB connection to Agilent Chemstation. I have everything connected, and the software does not show the instrument as connected. I cannot figure out how to get it to connect. The pins behind the modules are set to defaults. I am just trying to connect one module at the moment (the pump). I have tried every module with no luck. Does anyone have a hint on how to get this to connect?

Here is my setup:
Auto sampler: HP 1100 G1313A Firmware: A.06.13 [001]
Iso Pump: HP 1100 G1310A Firmware: A.06.10
VWD: HP 1100 G1314A Firmware: A.06.13
GPIB Interface Card: Agilent 82350B

Computer Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3
Agilent Utilities Version B.1.03.10109.0233 SP4
Agilent Chemstation Version A.08.03
Agilent IO Libraries Suite 16sd

Pump GPIB Address: 22
SICL Adress: gpib0,22
Visa Address: GPIB0::22::INSTR
When you say all pins are on default do you mean all down (00000000) or for pump at address 22, 00010110 (4, 6 and 7 up)?
My pins for the pump are at 00010110.
Here are a few comments:
The 82350B PCI card only works with Library 'J' and higher under ChemStation for LC Revision A.09.01 and up. Use the 'A' card for A.08.03.

The SICL Interface name for the card should be " hp82341 " (even though it is not an 82341). Logical Unit 7, Bus address 30.

Did you make the needed memory location changes in the Sys and Win.ini files ?

Sorry, that is all of the free info we can provide.
I appreciate the help. Is there a readme file or anything that would show me how to do the memory file location changes? I did not move any files around.
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