Good night,
As working in method of alverine Citrate cap as present in BP 2018 and during process of verification of method by 2 hplc equipment (agilent 1260 and Thermo ultimate 3000)
I surprised with great different in area size exclusively happen with only alverine Citrate cap and this great difference in area didn't happen before or after with any other product I work in both system .... I switched mobile phase and columns between 2 equipment and same problem still present..... I switched to another 2 instrument ( also agilent and thermo ultimate) with new same mobile phase for both new equipment .. Same problem... Alverine Citrate peak at agilent is around 495 and at thermo is around 1230... For same prepation, Both( mAU.sec)
My method Condition :
Mobile phase: 0.01M SLS dissolved in mixture of water and acetonitrile ( 45:55), adjustable pH to 3
Flow rate: 1.5 ml/min
UV: 220 nm
Column: Eclipse plus c18 4.6 x100mm 3.5um
I also tried different bandwidth and response time with two equipment but no difference appear.... Both hplc equipment with their standard detector flow cell.
Any one can help me to understand this difference... Why happen exclusively with alverine Citrate cap?!