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Our laboratory intends to purchase a preparative LC for the purification and separation of biological samples (proteins and, possibly, viruses). Therefore, it is necessary to install this chromatograph in the biosafety cabinet. However, the internal space of such equipment is very limited - it is about 1x0.7x0.7 (WxDxH, m).
In addition, we must choose the least expensive chromatographic system (this is as always).

The characteristics of the chromatograph that we need are not surprising (in fact it will be the simplest chromatographic machine):
- flow rate 0.5-20 ml / min (the more - the better)
- UV detector with one or two waves (280 nm + 260 nm)
- isocratic (although a low-pressure gradient is desirable)
- collection of fractions - manually or through a manual valve at the detector signal

Thus, the only acceptable solution that comes to my mind is the combination of stand-alone modules (pump and detector) working with their own control panels (without a computer system) and manual valves. For example: pump Buchi C-605, detector Buchi C-640 plus valves or (VICI or other).

Main questions: did someone create and use such a system? If so, which equipment did you use? Will this work, or it is a stillborn idea?
No one was replied. It's sadly, but Ok.
May be anyone use some kind of a liquid chromatograph that occupying the smaller spot on a table than standard-size modular LC?
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