I’m quite interested in transferring a method from an Acquity to an Agilent 1260. I am new to Chemstation software, but it does not seem that there is a straightforward way (unlike in Masslynx software) to delay injection to compensate for the dwell volume of the system, which is significantly larger than an Acquity. There is an "injector program" feature, which does not seem to work for programming a delayed injection. As you can imagine, a long isocratic hold added to the beginning of my method is not ideal. While there is a way to bypass the "mainpass" of the flow through needle to minimize dwell volume, this only decreases the dwell, and doesn't do much to reconcile the dwell differences between the instruments.
Anyhow, there does not seem to be a way to start the gradient, and have the system wait a few minutes to inject.