I routinely run different LC mass specs, all with Analyst versions from 1.4 through 1.6. (2 API 3000, 2 API 4000, 2 API 5000 and one 5500). When printing sequences, methods, results, curves or chromatography, every one of these instruments prints them with different scales. I am used to knowing what the scale is for different instruments and get around it by adjusting the scale immediately before printing so it really isn’t a big issue, they all look the same after printing but it would be nice if they were all the same and I didn’t have to do this. The report template files are identical between instruments. I have been told it is not Analyst but different versions of Microsoft on the various and different PC’s running them. Has anyone else experienced this and know where in Microsoft these setting can be modified such that I can tailor them to each instrument?

I hope I have posted this in the right location. LCMS is where I figure I would find someone running Analyst.