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Reasonably new to the world of HPLC but seem to have stumbled across a problem. Any idea why I'm getting 'waiting for injection' even after I've manually injected the sample and turned handle to inject? Any help would be appreciated.

What data collection system are you using? Where is the message located - on the instrument panel or the data collection system.
I'm using a Galaxy Chromatography Data System with a Varian Prostar 210. The message is displayed on the status overview of data collection system.
I'm guessing its something to do with your injector "not talking" to the CDS system to say the run has started. What instrument are you using.
7725i manual injector, x2 Varian Prostar 210 solvent delivery modules with a ProStar 335 Diode-Array Detector and a Genesis C18 column + guard column. I hope this is the information you are after

If the System is in the waiting for inject State, you can Switch the Injection valve and the System will start Data acquisition.
If you Switch the valve before, the System wont recognize this.

edit: in the Pump section of the method, you can choose the Start Mode
Imedately when ready is for use with autosamplers
Inject trigger on Pump A/B is for use with valves - this Should be your Choice

Best Regards
Perfect, problem solved. Thank you for your response. :)
We have the same problem with a Prominence i LC 2030C and Empower 3, any suggestions?
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