Hi, We have the following HPLC's in our lab:
1. LC-2010CHT
2. LC-2010AHT
3. LC-2030C
LabSolutions version 5.84
OS:Windows XP (2pcs) , Windows 7 pro (1pc)
I have added the above PC's connected to the all the HPLC's to a domain with individual users. Each type of user is given specific permissions through group policy.
When I log in to Windows XP as a normal user (limited privileges) and then boot up LabSolutions I am able to log in. But every time we start integration process on the software the log-in prompt comes up.
How do I make this a one off login at the beginning?
When I log in as admin in prompted only once for log in and carry out with experiments.
Looking forward to your support.