Dear everyone,
Could you please suggest for my case?I would like to determine the solubility profile of my drug in sesame oil. After 3 days shaking and centrifugation, I get the supernatant and then mixed with the organic solvent (MeOH) to inject into HPLC.The problem is sesame oil can't mix with MeOH.
After that, I try to mix with the co-solvent system, Iso-propyl alcohol-tetrahydrofuran, and MeOH. Sesame oil is miscible with this solvent mixture. Before injecting into HPLC, I checked with UV and it showed that absorbance of blank is very high and negative absorbances of the sample also. I think it has interference.
I would like to analyze by HPLC but I worry for my column because sample contains oil and tetrahydrofuran.
I use mobile phase of 63:37 organic phase (ACN and MeOH) and aqueous phase (Water and Phosphate buffer)
Column is C18 Hypersil gold
Please, could someone suggest or advice for my case? Could I inject this sample into my column or how can I solve this problem by UV?Hope your kind reply.Thanks so much.
The main thing is miscibility of sesame oil with the organic solvent to inject into HPLC.