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Hi All,

Our Acquity UPLC-MS (Sample organizer, Sample manager, BSM, PDA and SQD) is running on windows 7 with MassLynx 805. All the modules were updated to 1.60 and the waters driver Pack 4 is installed.

This morning I did an injection on vial A8 (well plate 48) and I saw the injector going to B8 instead. The SM generated this error : missing/wrong plate or vial. So I reset the module and now during the initialization, the arm '' smack '' the inside of the module (on the right) during 5 seconds and generate this error message : X-axis home h/w fault. This is an endless loop, every time the module initialize, the arm '' smack '' the module during 5 seconds and generate the same error message.

We tried to flash the firmware, to reboot the system without the backup battery, to remove non-volatile ram (via service mode) and nothing worked. It's not possible to calibrate xz axis since the arm doesn't want to move. The Y and Z initialization seems ok via the Acquity console. I can manually move the arm to the left.

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

The arm mechanism can get fairly grubby over time. You can try wiping whatever parts of it you can reach with lint-free cloth and a bit of methanol or something. Or it may be simply be damaged. If you can't get the arm back into position you'll have to call Waters for help

MassLynx files can be corrupted when another process such as a virus checker runs at the same time MassLynx is acquiring data. Setup a brand new Project and create your method from scratch. Don't copy from the current Project.
I installed the UPLC on a brand new computer with a '' fresh '' installation of MassLynx 2 weeks ago and there is no firewall/antivirus on the computer.

Is there any sensors for the x position ? I was able to locate the Z sensor for the sample organizer, but not for the SM.

I will try to clean the mechanism, but I can manually move the arm (left and right), so I suspect an issue with a '' sensor ''.

I found the part number to replace the XYZ assembly (700002579). Since we don't have a service contract with Waters I will change the part myself : ... RetId=2731
Hey samu003,
We experienced a very similar situation with our nanoAcquity recently. We had "Z-axis home h/w fault". Rebooting the system or flashing the firmware didn't work. We were suggested to replace the XYZ assembly (700002579). I'm wondering if the problem with your system was fixed after the replacement. And what procedures you followed to change it by yourself.


The problem is very easy to fix and the part cost around 5$. On the autosampler assembly (need to disassemble the sample manager first..), there are 2 black magnetic sensor attached to the assembly and 1 magnet attach to the sample arm. When the arm move, the magnet will pass below the sensor and tell the system '' this is my position ''. If the captor is broken, the position of the arm is lost and the sample manger will make an error message. The part number is written on the black magnetic sensor (not from Waters..) and cost around 5$ (I don't have the part number...) and you can search on google.

But your problem is from the Y axis, which has problem the same sensor

If you look to this link : ... RetId=2731
there is a black plate on the left, this is the magnet, and the sensor must be close on the carriage assembly
Thank you very much for your answer. Happy to know that you solved the problem and it only cost $5. I will try to disassemble the sample manager to look for and check the magnetic part. Hope our system has the same problem as yours. I may ask you more questions regarding this issue. I do appreciate your help!
Hi samu003,
I got access to the top of the sample manager and I thought I found the part you mentioned. Please let me know if this is the correct one.[img]/Users/wujikang/Downloads/IMG_3243.JPG[/img] And I saw that the arm can pass below it. The problem you met was "X-axis home h/w fault". But our error code is "Z-axis home h/w fault". The two parts on the sample manager seems to only tell the X,Y position. Do you think replacing those will help to solve our problem? Or is there any other sensor that I should check?


The 2 sensors you saw are for the X-axis (left to right). I guess there are the same sensors for the Z (back to front). If you cannot locate those sensor, you'll probably need to replace the XYZ assembly, and I was not able to find an used unit on google for you.

ps : Sorry I thought you're talking about the Y assembly ...
Thank you for your reply. I will try to look for it on the z-axis. I really appreciate your help!

Hi, we have the same Z-axis error and I was wondering if you finally found the 5$ part to replace, or if you had to change the full XYZ assembly?
Thanks for your help!
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