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We've just had a fluorescence detector added to our Varian ProStar HPLC, so now we have:

2 ProStar 210 solvent delivery modules
410 Autosamplee
335 UV/Vis detector
350 Refractive index detector
Shimadzu fluorescence detector

The last two are each connected to the integrators on the 210 pumps, but even with the sample rate set at its highest (1.0) I'm still suffering from data backlog errors. The two pumps are connected through RS422-to-RS232 converters through a dual RS-232 PCI card.

Any suggestions?
Sorted now :-)
Hi I was wondering how you solved this issue? My setup is different but I recently got an error like this and was wondering if you were able track down the prime cause. For now it seems like my issue was a one time event, but I'm worried it may happen again without notice.

Dear Monty, I also have backlog errors. Please let us know how to solve it. Thanks in advance.

Jpinzon I was wondering if you were ever able to solve this issue? I'm running only with one Prostar 320 UV detector attached to a Prostar 210 pump with the same hook up has Monty mentions and I still get this problem. It seems likely that Monty was overloading the A/D converter in the prostar pump since he had so many detectors attached, however I still haven't heard word.

Any help would be appreciated.
In hopes that this might be useful to at least the last poster: You may have your detector sampling rate set too high. The defaults are goofily fast, and I find I need to set the sampling rate down in Star Workstation in order to avoid the data backlog error. It's set up on the same screen as the run programming. If you need help finding it, please post again and I'll boot my system up and give better directions. :)
Thanks for the answer smallschoolhplc. I tried this immediately, but still didn't have any luck. I may revisit it as I'm pretty sure I didn't try the extreme and I'm still seeing it albeit rarely. What sampling interval do you work with? Typically my peaks are on the order of tens of seconds, so even having a frequency of 1Hz seems sufficient. What had me stumped is that this occurs on only one of our systems, yet we have 5 being used in identical configurations and sampling rates. This lead me to believe it might be hardware related.

Thanks again
After replacing the flat ribbon cable everything is fine!!

Does anyone have a 320 user’s manual?
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