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Hello :D , this is our first post in the forum...
We hope you can help us in our analysis

We are searching for a new method to detemine imidazole by UPLC-PDA
We have the following columns:
BEH Phenyl
BEH amide
We have proved the BEH Amide, but the retention of imidazole is very poor
The column HSS improves the retention, but there is an unknown peak which interfere with imidazole peak.
Now we want to use the BEH Phenyl, what do you think?
Any idea?
International Journal of PharmTech Research
CODEN( USA): IJPRIF ISSN : 0974-4304
Vol.1, No.2, pp 310-312 , April-June 2009
A Sensitive HPLC Method of determination of 2-Methyl 5-
Nitroimidazole & Reaction mass of intermediates of
Ornidazole in Ornidazole bulk manufacturing.
Pande V.V1*, Chandorkar J.G2.
1JSPM’s Jaywantrao Sawant College of Pharmacy & Research, Hadapsar, Pune-
28,M.S., India.
2Innovassynth Tech. (I) Ltd., Khopoli-410203.. Raigad.M.S.,India.
Maybe that will give you some ideas. Good luck.
Gerhard Kratz,
You're aware of the fact that amide is a HILIC column while the others are reversed-phase, meaning you're supposed to use very different conditions for these?
We have used the BEH -Phenyl column
We have a retention of 0,5 min with 70-30 (H2O-ACN) isocratic, but the peak is too wide
What can we do to improve the peak shape? Maybe adding triethylamine?
We tried with TFA but it only made our peak disappear. :?
Thanks in advance!
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