Waters 2487 - error message 'peak not found'

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I have at the Waters 2487 detector following error message:

peak not found - d2 656nm low energy

I know from the waters support, that the optical unit is damaged. My question is now, which single part of the optical unit is affected. Have anybody some experiences about this problem?

Thank you in advance

Sounds like a dirty flow cell. Possibly the lamp might be going bad. How long has the lamp been used (lamp hours)?

we have cleaned the flow cell and changed the lamp, but the error message is always present. The value for reference energy is '0 nA' at 230 nm with water in the flow cell.

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I do know that Waters sells replacement micro fuses for the main board. I had one that blew and it kept giving me errors (but I do not remember which).

If you look on the board inside (one that runs the length of the detector) you will see little micro fuses. You will also see places to check for voltage outputs and grounds. You may want to check with a multimeter to see if you have the correct voltages. If you read one that is zero volts it could be you have a simple blown fuse. Since your detector does boot up the glass fuse on the smaller power board is still intact.

Just two weeks ago I placed a new lamp that did not put out enough energy to pass on one detector and confirmed it with a few other lamps and detectors. The lamp just didn't put out like others. It was pretty funny that a lamp that I had over 3000 hrs on put out better then a new one I purchased this past May. This particular lamp has "02/11" on its plug and number "111349501" on one of its wires. I have used a couple of lamps with these numbers with no issues so I think it is just a bad lamp in this case.

thank you, I have tested the fuses with my multimeter, but I couldn't find any damaged fused and the volts were also ok.

In the matter of the lamp I have seen the same phenomenon, really funny. But in this case it is not a problem of the lamp.

After all we have changed the optic bench now and the problem was solved.
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