Hi all

I am working with a SpectraSystem HPLC and chromeleon 7.3 software.

When I am running a sequence the system aborts it at the second injection and displays the error "Module reported error 4009 (pump A not ready for operation).

This happens AFTER the machine entered the "run" stage of my method, so injection has already happened. The pump, which already went through equilibration stage, sets flow and value and then the error occurs.

What I can see on the pump when it is happening is that when the "run" stage starts it goes into "initialisation" mode for a few seconds, which is when the error happens. Is this supposed to happen?

The first injection of the sequence always runs without any problem, so I don't know what happens. Does anyone have a clue?

I tried to remove equilibration stage in the method, but it doesn't make a difference.