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Dear all,

I am facing the challenge of separating the isomer R + and S- of ketoprofen but I am trying not to use a chiral column. I read in diferent articles de use of norvancomycin and triethylamine acetate in the mobile phase with an C8 column. I was wondeing in anybody here have use this method or something similar?

Thanks in advance,
My boss has decades of experience running chiral methods which utilize chiral additives in the mobile phase, similar to your reference. Perhaps this is more commonly done in CE methods, due to lack of "chiral' columns, but it has been documented with HPLC methods since the 1980/90's. There is nothing new about the approach of using achiral columns with chiral additives for this purpose (often proteins, antibiotics etc. the same compounds we normal link to the phase are mixed in with mobile phase). However, those methods are notoriously inaccurate with poor reproducibility in many cases and worse selectivity so he suggests avoiding them. This is especially true in your case or example as "ketoprofen " can easily and reproducibly be baseline resolved on a commercially available Chiralpak AD column (AD-H also works as do a few other Chiralcel and Chiralpak columns) using a simple mobile phase of Hexane and acidified Ethanol. The easiest methods are often the most reliable.
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