Clearing a Shimadzu SIL-30 fatal error message

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Hello everyone,

The other day I got a SIL HPV ERR HOME message on the autosampler of our HPLC. I got some suggestions on how to fix it, however, the control panel on the door is completely unreactive as the error message is displayed, nothing can be changed.

I was wondering if there is a way to clear the error message (maybe a combination of keys to be pressed), so that I can access the menu.

Thank you for your suggestions!
if you can connect via web-interface to the Shimadzu controller, you will be able to clear the error from there
Thanks for your answer,

Unfortuantely I don't have access to the web interface. In fact, I am working on a Sciex LC-MS system, but the LC part is actually a Shimadzu instrument painted with a different color...

Today I have contacted the service technician, who of course wants to change the HPV rotor assembly for a fortune. I am almost certain that a cleaning would be enough, however, currently I have the needle in the HPV and I don't have clear access to it and I cannot remove the needle because the fatal display on the autosampler is stuck on the error message and doesnt want to let me access any of the menu options.
I only worked with Shimadzu/Sciex, not Excion/Sciex, so pardon my ignorance

does it mean that unlike Shimadzu, Exion LC does not have a separate controller, even though it is connected via LAN? if it does, then the controller should be accessible via browser when the hardware profile is not activated; why would Sciex change anything besides the color of the panels?

also, when you power off the autosampler, it may unlock the drives so you could move the arm manually
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