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good day, I have a doubt, the data on the screen of a 2695 the cd ratio that means?
The 2695 is a quaternary pump; it combines feed from 4 reservoirs (A/B/C/D).
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(I hope this was good written) The CD Ratio on the Alliance system is simple.. Is the Ratio between the COMPRESSION and DECOMPRESSION pressures. It gives you some idea on how so good are your Plunger seals on the pump. Just to make some maths, imagine your compression pressure with one column is 2000 psi, and the de-compression pressure is also the same 2000 psi, then you have a 1.0 CD ratio I, and this means your pump is perfect. As far as I remember, the C/D ratio accepted for one good pump is 1.4, but I need confirm it with my old notes.. Best Regards!!

Humberto Guzmán.
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