Chromatography Forum is a hub where novices and experts in the field of chromatography converge, share, and seek expertise. Having solidified its place in the history of analytical chemistry since its inception in 1999, the forum has transformed into an invaluable center of knowledge for chromatographers and spectrometrists worldwide. It offers a sanctuary for collaborative problem-solving while providing a platform for seasoned experts to give back to a community that once nurtured their own growth.

Today, Chromatography Forum's audience has evolved to encompass a broad range of professionals, and with the support of an advisory board and industry alliances, our moderators show unwavering commitment to maintaining the forum's integrity. Curious to dive into this treasure trove of chromatography expertise? Explore the forum, engage with like-minded peers, and expand your knowledge.

Meet the Team

Tom Jupille - Founder and Moderator

Tom Jupille has been a practicing chromatographer for more than 40 years, during which he has written more than 30 papers on chromatography and related subjects. His career has focused on instrument and column development and user support, providing a broad foundation of practical experience to call on as an instructor. Over the past 25 years, Tom Jupille has presented courses and seminars in the field of chromatography to more than 3,000 students.

Aimee Cichocki - Managing Editor and Moderator

Aimee Cichocki is the Managing Editor at Separation Science and Chromatography Forum. Aimee brings a broad range of experience in creating, editing, and formatting scientific content. With a degree in medicinal chemistry, a 10-year background in formulation chemistry, an MBA, and a diverse background in publishing, Aimee guides editorial initiatives at Separation Science and Chromatography Forum. Aimee is dedicated to ensuring the delivery of informative, reliable, and practical content to our audience of analytical scientists.

Adam Dickie - Science Writer and Moderator

Adam Dickie is a science writer at Separation Science, bringing 15 years of experience in writing and editing for Nature Publishing Group. He leverages his Ph.D. in chemistry to provide engaging and relevant content to our communities. Adam has worked with companies including Charles River Laboratories, Flagship Pioneering, and Scientific American, always delivering fact-checked content that engages and enlightens.

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